Our giclée collection features a delightful series of pieces displaying an ethereal interplay between radiant colours and somber shading. Whether you’re looking for a special giclée piece for your home, a work of art for your office, or a gift for a loved one, our collection is sure to have something that will capture your eye. Browse our collection and discover the richness of giclée art.

Giclée Art Prints For Sale – High Quality Reproductions

Giclée, which is derived from the French verb “gicler” meaning “to spray,” is a type of fine art printing that uses specialized inkjet printers to produce high-quality, long-lasting reproductions of original artwork. 

The giclée art form is a relatively modern innovation with its heritage dating back to the early 1980s. It was pioneered by the French printmaker Jack Duganne who sought to create high-quality reproductions using an inkjet printer. As a result of his experimentation and successes, Duganne was credited with coining the term giclée, which has become synonymous with luxurious fine art prints produced via the inkjet printing method.

The giclée process quickly gained popularity in the fine art world due to its ability to make quality reproductions of artworks that were known to be hard to replicate. These included artworks with a large format, an expansive colour palette or a unique technique.

Over the past few decades, giclée printing technology has advanced exponentially, now allowing for much more precise recreations of original artworks. Printed on archival-quality paper or canvas using modern fade-resistant inks, the pieces retain the vibrant colours and fine details of the original artwork for years.

These advancements have legitimized giclées and they are now frequently used by artists, galleries, and museums. The durability and consistent quality of giclée pieces have proven to be invaluable tools for preserving great artwork and broadening its reach.

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