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While the marketing profession isn’t for everyone, self-marketing basics can be extremely helpful regardless of the job title you hold.  For artists, self-marketing can be the difference between art being your passion, and art being your livelihood.  Understandably, this process may be a bit daunting.  By learning about the importance of self-marketing as an artist, you’re already taking a vital step in the right direction.

What is Self-Marketing?

Self-marketing is often used interchangeably with self-branding.  Basically, rather than promoting a product, self-marketing focuses on you as a person, along with your talents and skills.

“The most notable difference between these two concepts remains that self-marketing centers on how you showcase your skills and qualities through public platforms like social media, media outlets, and personal websites. In contrast, self-promotion depends on your ability to convince your target audience that you are credible and have the required skill sets for a task.” –

Self-Marketing for Artists

With how far we’ve come with technology, it is becoming increasingly simple to do self-marketing. Having an online presence alone has several benefits.  Not only can you do research to continue perfecting your skillset, but you can also build a following!  

Perhaps, you pride yourself in the fact that you have never signed up for any social media accounts.  While that’s fine for you personally, you may be missing out on a prime marketplace.  

Let’s be honest; we already know that word of mouth is a powerful thing.  Add the power of how quickly word spreads via the internet and what do you get?  Your name, your work, your talent- it can all reach every corner of the globe in a matter of minutes.  With every click, share, tag, or email, more possibilities are created.  So, where do you start?  

Tools and Resources are at Your Fingertips  

Some of these tools may be more relevant than others depending on your niche.  For artists, even finding a platform that facilitates the process can be extremely helpful.  A few of these platforms to keep in mind are Artsy, 1stDibs, and Newport Brushstrokes.


“Artsy envisions a future where everyone is moved by art every day. To get there, we’re expanding the art market to support more artists and art around the world. As the leading marketplace to discover, buy, and sell fine art, Artsy believes that the process of buying art should be as brilliant as art itself. That’s why we’re dedicated to making a joyful, welcoming experience that connects collectors with the artists and artworks they love.” – Artsy

With more than 1 million artworks by over 100,000 artists, Artsy is one of the first websites everyone should visit if they wish to not only purchase art, but to also sell art.  They make it so simple, they even have an app!  You’ve probably looked into similar websites before, and are wondering what makes Artsy so different.

Well, what if we tell you it’s as easy as 3 simple steps to sell with Artsy?  First, you upload photos of what you wish to sell, along with a description of the item.  Then, their experts will take a look and tell you a price estimate and a sales option.  The third and final step is to sell your work!  They take care of finding a buyer, arranging the shipping, and securing the payment.

That’s it!  That’s all it takes.  Artsy truly understands how the business aspect of selling your art can often take the art you love dearly, and turn it into a seller’s nightmare.  They do not want this to be the case for anyone.  Artsy cares about both the artist behind the art, and the people who wish to support, and purchase the art.  Artsy may be just the self-marketing aid you’ve been looking for.  Not convinced yet?  That’s okay!  Here are 4 (other) Reasons to Sell Your Collection With Artsy.


“1stDibs is a leading online marketplace for extraordinary design. Since 2000, we have captured the magic of the Paris flea market, connecting those seeking the most beautiful things on earth with highly coveted sellers and makers in vintage, antique and contemporary furniture, home décor, art, fine jewelry, watches and fashion.”1stDibs

As you can see, 1stDibs offers several different forms of art.  Whether it’s home decor, or fine jewelry and artwork, there is something here for everyone.  This isn’t like other platforms where a possible purchaser sees an object and hopes for the best outcome.  Each seller has been carefully chosen by their in-house experts, so there is no need for the buyer to do their own background research each time they wish to purchase an item.  

It’s natural to feel unsure and/or skeptical, when it comes to online transactions.  It’s only natural, and you can never be too careful.  1stDibs understands this, and it is why they have the 1stDibs promise.  This is not only for the benefit of those looking to buy.  It is also there as a security measure for those hoping to make a sale.  Your art was created out of your passion, time, and dedication to something you care deeply about.  It deserves to be placed in a home that appreciates every aspect of that.

From a Price-Match Guarantee, to Buyer-Protection, the buyer can feel confident that they’re getting the best possible price.  If, for whatever reason, something does not go according to plan, 1stDibs will work with both the seller and the buyer to come to a solution.

Peace of mind is an incredible thing, and when a trusting relationship is formed between buyer, and seller, it’s priceless!  If it’s good enough for Kate Hudson, it’s good enough for us!

Newport Brushstrokes

You may have heard about Newport Brushstrokes, for their effort in raising funds for the Humboldt Broncos. Or perhaps, for impressing their celebrity client. Whatever the case may be, one thing that is consistent regardless of where you have heard about them, is Newport Brushstrokes’ passion for the art world. This is why they are pleased to add the Newport Brushstrokes Marketplace to their website.

Perfect for artists and art buyers alike, the Newport Brushstrokes Marketplace guarantees 100% satisfaction.

“All of our works of art are curated according to the strictest of criteria by the staff of Newport Brushstrokes Fine Art. You can purchase with the utmost of confidence knowing that all our works of art have been vetted by our professionals.”

You can also find Newport Brushstrokes on Artsy and 1stDibs.


In the age of technology, there’s no reason why selling, and purchasing art should be the cause of any stress.  Both seller and purchaser should feel secure and thrilled about the transaction.  

Thanks to security measures and dedicated companies like Artsy, 1stDibs, and Newport Brushstrokes, this is not just a dream scenario, but it’s a reality.  They help remove any and all stress associated with self-marketing, and they can bring artists to a new level of their career.  How thrilling is that?!