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As an artist, one of the biggest challenges you face is finding a way to get your artwork in front of potential buyers. In the past, this was often done through brick-and-mortar galleries or art shows. However, with the rise of the internet and ecommerce, there are now many more opportunities to sell art online. 

In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of posting your paintings online, whether through your own website, social media sites, or online art galleries like our gallery, Newport Brushstrokes, which offers “Sell With Us” packages for artists.


Increased Exposure

One of the biggest benefits of posting your artwork online is the increased exposure it can provide. By using social media marketing and other online tools, you can reach a wider audience than ever before. Potential buyers can discover your artwork through online searches or by following you on social media sites like Instagram or Facebook.

Building a social media presence can take time, but the benefits are significant. By sharing your artwork online, you can create a buzz around your art career and attract attention from art collectors and other artists in your field. It’s an excellent way to build your reputation and gain visibility in the art world.


Improved Networking Opportunities

Posting your artwork online can also improve your networking opportunities. By interacting with other artists and art buyers online, you can build relationships that can lead to new opportunities. For example, you might collaborate with another artist on a project, or receive a commission from a buyer who discovered your artwork online.

Building a community of fellow artists and art lovers online can also be an excellent source of support and inspiration. By connecting with other artists, you can stay up-to-date on the latest trends in the art world.


Increased Opportunities for Professional Development

Posting your artwork online can lead to increased opportunities for professional development. By sharing your artwork online, you can receive feedback and critique from other artists and art buyers. This feedback can help you improve your technique and develop your artistic style.

There are also many online learning opportunities available to artists. You can take courses or workshops to improve your skills, learn new techniques, and gain a better understanding of the business side of the art world. By taking advantage of these opportunities, you can grow as an artist and advance your art career.


Flexibility and Convenience

In addition to the benefits of increased exposure, development opportunities, and networking, posting your artwork online also provides you with greater flexibility and convenience. With the ability to update and modify your posts at any time, you can easily showcase new works or make changes to existing ones, ensuring that your portfolio is always up-to-date and accurately represents your artistic vision. This is especially important for emerging artists who are still developing their style and looking to gain traction in the highly competitive world of art sales.


Direct Sales Opportunities

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Potentially the biggest benefit of posting your artwork online is the potential to make sales. E-commerce has changed the way art sales work, and online sales have become increasingly popular in recent years. By listing your artwork online, you can take advantage of this trend and reach a wider audience of potential buyers. There are also numerous online art galleries available that showcase emerging artists’ work, like our gallery.


Why Should You Be Selling Art Online?

The are many advantages to selling your art online, including:

Increased Exposure to Art Buyers

With the help of online art galleries like Newport Brushstrokes, you can reach potential buyers from all over the world. This expanded reach means more exposure for your artwork and a higher chance of making online art sales.


Increased Sales Potential

Selling your artwork online opens up new avenues for sales, beyond just your local area. Online sales provide the opportunity to reach a global audience and connect with art collectors who are looking for new pieces to add to their collections. With the help of online art galleries and social media marketing, you can promote your artwork to potential buyers who may not have found your work otherwise.


Opportunity to Sell With Us

At Newport Brushstrokes, we offer “Sell With Us” packages that allow artists to list their paintings in our online gallery. By taking advantage of this service, you can benefit from our established reputation and network of art buyers, increasing your chances of making sales and expanding your art career.


Greater Control Over Your Artwork

Selling your artwork online provides greater control over how your artwork is presented and marketed. With your own website or online gallery listing, you can choose the images, descriptions, and prices for your artwork. This allows you to highlight your unique artistic style and communicate directly with potential buyers.


Lower Overhead Costs

Selling your artwork online can be a cost-effective way to expand your art career. With lower overhead costs than a brick-and-mortar gallery, you can save money on rent, utilities, and other expenses. This allows you to invest more time and resources into creating new artwork and marketing your existing pieces.


Take the Next Step and Start Selling Your Art Online Today with Newport Brushstrokes

In today’s digital age, selling your artwork online provides numerous benefits for emerging artists. With the help of online art galleries and social media marketing, you can increase your exposure to potential buyers, expand your social media presence, and increase your chances of making sales.

Newport Brushstrokes Fine Art is a virtual gallery that offers a wide range of art from various media, including classical works by renowned masters, original contemporary pieces by young and upcoming artists, and exciting images by emerging photographers.

Our Sell With Us service provides emerging artists the opportunity to showcase their work and gain exposure to our network of art buyers, benefiting from our established reputation and expertise in online art sales. With the flexibility and convenience of online sales and the potential for increased exposure, selling your artwork online has never been easier. Contact us today to learn more.