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Newport Brushstrokes Fine Art is an online art gallery providing quality deluxe artwork perfect for investing. Looking to invest in traditional works of art? Newport Brushstrokes offers classic masterpieces replicated by notable masters of their craft. Seeking authentic modern art pieces? Newport Brushstrokes employs brilliant up and coming artists. But it doesn’t end there! They are always on the search for moderately priced artworks by skilled talented artists. Their marketplace is a great place to explore their art gallery, their artists, their products and more.

The art gallery composes of a variety of impressive pieces to choose from. Ranging in price and size, the artworks presented are inspired by a multitude of styles. From pop culture to natural landscapes, well-known landmarks to more classic visuals (and everything in between). Their inspirations are limitless, suiting the needs of all those looking to invest in precious valuable works of art.

Their artsy section lists upcoming shows currently presenting Explore The Color, a collection of Colorism portraying artistic passion through the use of “fiery vivid hues, aggressive strokes, mounds of paint and texture” – Newport Brushstrokes. Ending February 28th, 2019 this show includes art from Blend Cota, the main artist for the DC Comics. Colorful elaborate paintings like The Dark Knight and The Joker and Harley Quinn have allowed his work to be in high demand.

The show also includes work from Redina Tili, a European-born artist with over 25 years of experience. She has received various acclaims, awards, and publications for her participation in numerous shows and competitions. Her works in Explore The Color incorporates compelling natural scenic paintings like Galapagos and Steps to heaven.

Their gallery consists of works from a variety of other artists such as ANUNNAKI, Clemens Briels, Mikhail Chapiro, Catherine Colosimo, Alexander Evgrafov, Ferjo, and many more. Additionally featured in their marketplace is a limited edition of Leroy Neiman’s hand-signed and numbered, Gretzky’s Goal (1994). Which comes, of course, with a Certificate of Authenticity and a Certificate of Appraisal. Compared to other art dealers and online galleries Newport Brushstrokes is among the best of the best in line with other reputable companies like Art in Canada, Zatista, Fine Art Collector and Artspace. With Newport Brushstrokes, you can acquire and treasure stunning artwork. They work to find and offer what is suitable for you. There website also features an Art Auction section, giving you the opportunity to buy and sell art without the hassle of going to an auction house! When you purchase from Newport Brushstrokes, you’re not only making your space more beautiful and revered, you’re benefiting from a worthy investment.

By Makyla Coulombe