Published On: April 8, 2019262 words1.3 min read

As an artist, there are a few significant milestones that come to define moments in one’s artistic journey. Being showcased in an art gallery is one of them. But for young/ up-and-coming artists, being represented or even exhibited by a traditional brick and mortar gallery can seem as a daunting and often unattainable goal, with only few of them on the lookout for currently unknown talent. 


While it’s possible to go at it alone, the value provided by reputable galleries is undeniable and a definite boon in any artist’s career.However, being displayed at the right gallery is equally important. With their reputation on the line, an artist needs to be showcased in a reliable gallery, one with a robust network of buyers and devoted clientele. 


This is where places like Newport Brushstrokes come in. They’re an online, virtual gallery providing a platform for up-and-coming artists to showcase their work while helping them get connected to the right clients at the right price. Their services are unparalleled in the industry. They will walk an artist through the entire process from showcasing their art to selling their pieces to collectors and enthusiasts. Newport specializes in investment art and has a dedicated clientele specifically on the hunt for rising talents. Not quite sure how to properly price your pieces? Entrusting your art with Newport’s appraisers will guarantee that you are getting a fair valuation; taking the stress and uncertainty out of the sales process, so you can focus on your next masterpiece.


By Joshua