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Labor Day marks a time of relaxation, celebration, and appreciation for the hard work that drives us forward. At Newport Brushstrokes, we are excited to join in the festivities and treat our valued customers with something special. 

As the long weekend approaches, we are thrilled to announce a special 30% OFF sale on all pieces from our Redina Tili collection. This limited-time offer allows you to bring the work of a truly talented artist home at an exceptional price.

The Artistry of Redina Tili

Reflections I by Redina Tili

Redina Tili, an accomplished artist of Albanian origin, has captured the essence of nature and life through her vibrant and expressive paintings. Her artistic journey began at an early age, and over the years, she has honed her skills to create masterpieces that resonate with the hearts of art enthusiasts around the world.

From her early years in Tirana, Albania, to her current home in Toronto, Canada, Redina’s passion for art has remained unwavering. Her artistic education took her through the corridors of the Art College of Tirana, where she delved into the fields of drawing, painting, and sculpture. Graduating with a degree in Classical Fine Arts, she continued her pursuit of excellence at the Fine Art Academy of Tirana and the University of Toronto.

Among Tili’s notable accomplishments stands her portrayal of President Obama’s First Inauguration in 2009. This captivating masterpiece garnered significant attention and was swiftly snapped up on the QVC shopping network. Beyond this extraordinary achievement, Tili’s artworks have discovered homes in private art collections across the world—Canada, Europe, Asia, and the United States—showcasing the widespread admiration of her artistry.

The Essence of Redina’s Art

Redina Tili’s paintings are a celebration of nature’s beauty and the vibrant colours that define different landscapes. Her connection to Canada’s natural scenery, particularly the fall season, is evident in the rich hues and lively strokes of her oil paintings. These pieces encapsulate not only the visual appeal of her subjects but also the emotions they evoke.

With a style reminiscent of both Impressionist and Expressionist art, Redina Tili’s work is a harmonious blend of technique and emotion. Each canvas becomes a world for her intricate brushwork and her delicate sensitivity to colour and form. Whether it’s the radiant fall colours or the serene landscapes of distant regions, Redina’s art invites viewers to immerse themselves in the scenery she captures.

Newport Brushstrokes – Own a Piece of Redina Tili’s Artistry

street artists painting a mural

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