Published On: December 20, 2018134 words0.7 min read

Newport Brushstrokes Fine Art Inc. presents our new collection of work called The Colorism Collection. We are featuring great pieces from artists such as Blend Cota, Redina Tili and others.

Are you looking for a painting of Elvis Presley, a painting of Batman or other DC superheroes? Artwork that symbolizes the American spirit such as the Statue of Liberty or the American flag? Perhaps you would prefer a masterpiece that reflects the relaxing French Riviera? Whatever you’re looking for, we will find the perfect artwork to hang on your wall.

With artwork that is bold, assertive and unapologetic, each piece conveys the artist’s passion with fiery vivid hues, aggressive strokes, mounds of paint and texture. You ask what is Colorism? This is Colorism. Enjoy!

Visit our Artsy page and see our collection.