Published On: February 6, 2019542 words2.7 min read

Remember the days when memories were captured in beautiful, lavish paintings instead of quickly replicated on a grainy phone camera? Neither do I, but every time I visit an art gallery or museum I am reminded of the importance of visual art in a world overcome by Snapchat. Unfortunately most of us will never own Van Gogh or Monet, so art lovers are given the exciting and daunting task of investing in the up and coming artists who will fill the galleries of the future. But how do you find artists worth investing in? That is where a reputable art broker comes in.


Art is a big investment, so it’s essential to work with an art broker you can trust. One of the greatest art providers is Newport Brushstrokes; a reputable virtual gallery that offers beautiful works of art in a variety of mediums. This art dealer recruits talented Canadian artists on the verge of renown who are still able to sell their art at affordable prices. No frivolous name dropping costs, just the joy and satisfaction of owning the art of your dreams. They also use highbrow materials like Larson Juhl’s real wood frames and Winsor and Newton oil paints that are made to stand the test of time. It’s easy to tell from the many incredible pieces in their gallery and their dedication to quality that this company is committed to artistic integrity and ingenuity.


No matter what your art-needs are, Newport can find or create something beautiful and unique just for you. Whether you are an art connoisseur scouting the next up-and-comer to invest in, or simply want something pretty to brighten up your wall, there are lots of options for everyone. The highly trained artists have the skills to replicate famous works of classical art or create exciting new pieces of their own for you to bring home, so they satisfy a broad range of tastes and desires.


A service I find especially exciting is the reproduction of a cherished photograph into a beautiful oil painting. These replications magically seem to bring an old memory to life, each brushstroke revealing an energy and vibrancy that a static photograph simply cannot capture. My personal favourite of the works I have seen is a gorgeous painting of a wedding photo featured on their Facebook page. Pieces like these make me see the unexplored potential for artistry in all of my favourite photographs.


It is natural to be afraid that the painting in your head won’t translate well onto a canvas, but luckily Newport banishes these worries. If you don’t like the proof showing what the piece will look like when its done, Newport Brushstrokes offers a 100% money back guarantee. Once you have checked that the paintbrush doesn’t add ten pounds in the proof, transforming that beautiful family portrait into a gorgeous work of art is completely risk free!


There is a whole world of exciting, new artists just waiting to be discovered and appreciated, and lucky for us we still have the opportunity to snatch up their art before they become unattainable big shots. Check out to find the perfect piece of art to add to you collection!